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Indian Township Emergency Communications Center

The Communications Center is a division within the Police Department. The Emergency Communications Center was established in the year 1974. Emergency and non-
emergency calls are answered and dispatched through the Center.

There are 4 full­time and 5 part­time Emergency Communications Officers (ECOs) that man the center 24/7 through the year. The Communications Center handles thousands of police, fire and EMS calls annually.

Emergency Communications Officers

All ECOs are trained and certified METRO/NCIC users and have completed a basic course in Emergency Telecommunications.

This division is supervised by ECS James Mendoza.

The names behind the friendly voices that you will hear when contacting the Emergency Communications Center are as follows: ECS James Mendoza, ECO Keith Lola, ECO David Stevens, ECO James Desmond, ECO Levi Reppert, ECO Vince Nicholas, ECO Keith Downing and ECO Brad Morris.

Dialing 9­1­1

When dialing 9­1­1 all calls will be answered by the Washington County Regional Communications Center located in Machias Maine. These calls are then forwarded to his Center to be answered. Please note that some 9­1­1 cell phone calls in our region of the state are also answered by the Orono State Police barracks and are also forwarded to us.

★ Local Emergency and Non­Emergency numbers are listed below. Callers are encouraged to use our 796­2704 line for Non­Emergency and 796­5200 line for Emergency.

When calling in an emergency, you should follow these instructions to help us better serve your needs:

    • Give the location of the emergency – try to be specific as possible
    • Specify the type of emergency
    • Contact information, name and call back number
    • Stay on the phone until the Operator tells you to hang up

After the Operator gathers the information, there may be additional questions you may need to answer to better assist the emergency responders.

Additional Information about the Communications Center

Along with dispatching Police, Fire and EMS, the Communications Center also dispatches for a variety of other departments including the Passamaquoddy Warden Service, the Indian Township Housing Authority, the Indian Township School, the Indian Township Public Works Department and the Indian Township Forestry Department.

“As call takers we take pride in providing the most efficient emergency service to every member of our community”